History Of JROTC

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), as it exists today, began with President Wilson signing the National Defense Act of 1916.


Although military training had been taking place in civilian colleges and universities as early as 1819, the signing of the National Defense Act brought this training under single, federally-controlled entity: The Reserve Officers' Training Corps.


Army ROTC is the largest officer-producing organization with the American military, having commissioned more than half a million second lieutenants since its inception.

History of WFHS's Cougar Battalion


The Cougar Battalion was first activated in the school year of 2002-2003 and is currently 15 years old.


The Battalion was first led by Colonel Leslie Carlow SAI(Senior Army Instructor) and SFC (Sergeant First Class) James Hylton from Aug 2002- August 2003.

Colonel Leslie Carlow SAI was replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Dimitri Belmont from 2004 until 2018.


SFC Hylton was replaced by Command Sergeant Major Ginger L. Cribb for school year 2007-2008 until present.

Lieutenant Colonel Dimitri Belmont was replaced by Colonel Donald Joyner for school year 2018 - 2019 until present.