Field of Dreams

This program provides a unique opportunity for our special students to represent their school and be a part of High School athletics. But even more than that, it is an opportunity for our athletes and cadets to learn tolerance and acceptance of students with disabilities. It is also an opportunity for the community to see baseball teams and coaches from ten area High Schools using their talents to support our special needs population. It has been a rewarding and positive experience for everyone.














Each school brings their special needs classes and their baseball team to play against a rival team and compete in the homerun derby.  Each schools homerun team will be made up of two special needs students, one baseball player, one softball player and one coach for a combined total score. The school with the highest score will win the homerun trophy!

Each special student will receive lunch, a team t-shirt, and a participation medal. The class will also receive a plaque, with a team picture, for their school trophy case. 

This has all been done by community donations, local fund-raisers, and collaboration with our schools JROTC program. Chick-fil-A has donated sandwiches for all of the players, Red Robin will serve their famous Strawberry Lemonade, and the Raleigh Elk’s club will provide t-shirts and hotdogs for all participants.

This is truly a community supported event and one of the highlights of our year.  This event takes place at the Factory Baseball Park in Wake Forest.