Top 3 Quotes

BC Parham

"Virtual Drill Competition is coming soon, make sure you study before the next full moon."



"It’s the end of the quarter, so do you work. It will make you smarter."



"This Saturday is Halloween, I hope your costumes are looking pristine."

Upcoming events

Week 10

10/30 Report Cards

10/30 WFHS Virtual Competition

SAT Word of the Week

Word: Liaison

Definition: A person who acts as a link to assist communication between groups of people

Pronunciation: /ˈlēəˌzän,lēˈāzän/

Part of Speech: Noun

Sentence: The United States has liaison officers from other countries’ agencies working in the FBI. 

Famous Quote

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far"


- Theodore Roosevelt