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Summer Opportunities

Wake Forest Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program cadets and cadre are excited about the academic and behavioral progress we have experienced during recent years. We look forward to similar results this year and ensuing years. However, positive results are dependent upon a uniform understanding, agreement and adherence to the ever-increasing demands of our democratic society and the global economy. We must continue to define and Communicate Standards for Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, and Critical Thinking, (Competencies for the 4Cs), in doing so we motivate and activate the thought patterns and work ethics conducive to cadet’s success.

Parent-cadet interactions are major predictors of school success. Please join us in striving daily to help our cadets be the best that they can be. You are an integral member of our JROTC team. Listed below are opportunities that will also enrich your cadets during the summer as well. This is a diverse list of opportunities, most are based on an applications process, parents normally incur some cost, i.e., transportation, Participation Fees etc. (some are reimbursed, some are not).

Junior ROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge

Eligible: 9th, 10th (11th Graders by exception only)



20-25 June 2019, Camp Pendleton, Virginia (Virginia Beach, V. A. area)


Objectives Strategies


To provide a safe, healthy and fun training environment that is both physically and mentally challenging.


b. To provide hands-on training designed to develop leadership, discipline, teamwork and self-confidence.


c. To provide adventure training not normally available on campus.


d. To enable cadets to practice leadership in a challenging environment.


e To allow cadets to participate in citizenship-building exercises.


f. To give cadets the opportunity to exercise living and interacting with their peers in a military setting.


g. To take advantage

West Point Summer Seminar

Eligible: 11th Graders




Objectives Strategies


Each summer, the United States Military Academy offers highly motivated, strongly academic high school juniors an Summer Leaders Seminar. This opportunity lets you experience Cadet life at West Point. This year the SLE will be held in


The Summer Leaders Experience (SLE) 2019 application period is open and will remain open until March 31, 2019.

Eligible: 11th Graders




Objectives Strategies


Summer Seminar at the United States Air Force Academy offers a unique opportunity to get the Academy experience first-hand. Specially designed for high school juniors heading into their senior year, Summer Seminar allows participants to see a realistic slice of cadet life.


Summer Seminar: Session Dates


Session "A" 10 - 14 June 2019

Session "B" 17 - 21 June 2019

Air Force Summer Seminar

How to Apply for Military Scholarships

Army ROTC Scholarship: Link


Navy ROTC Scholarship: Link


U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarship: Link

Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship