What We do

JROTC is a leadership training course that is designed to teach students how to be better citizens.


We focus on teaching our cadets about responsibility, leadership, organization, listening skills, and other qualities that a leader needs to be effective in school and in the work place.


We also try to instill decent human qualities in our cadets by teaching them the Army Values which are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage (LDRSHIP).


We also show our students the effects of bad decision making when it comes to things they may encounter soon in life such as drugs, fellow student hostility, and domestic violence.


JROTC is one of the few classes designed to help everyone. It helps stem friendships to new and old students, it helps raise grades in confident and struggling students, and it better prepares all students for life, current and future.

JROTC also teaches valuable life skills such as map reading, grooming, the importance of physical fitness, and organization. It also instills important characteristics such as self discipline, teamwork, good citizenship, diversity, and accountability. 


What We do

We are not an army preparatory class.


We do not train cadets in military sciences nor do we enlist cadets into the military.


Cadets are not required to enlist in any branch of military service upon completion of this course although if a cadet wishes to continue his/her military career in college, the cadet will start at a higher rank upon completion (4 classes) of this course.